Who Are We

The Officers of The Department of Public Safety comes from all walks of life and wield diverse experiences in federal and local law enforcement and military service. We are committed to serving the Ozarks Community, and we encourage honesty and hospitality in all we come in contact with.

What We Do

The Department of Public Safety has been tasked with ensuring the safety of our students, our staff, and our visitors. Whether you are here for three decades, four years or five minutes, we want you to enjoy your Ozarks experience without worry or fear. In order to achieve this goal, our office is staffed year round, and we have established a close relationship with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Clarksville Police Department. The Department of Public Safety is a commissioned and certified law enforcement agency.

Together, we can make this a great place for the growth and development of our students, staff, and all our friends and neighbors.

Call us – 479.979.2020

Emergency Notifications

In the case of a campus emergency, we utilize the 911 shield app that is designed to keep students, faculty and staff informed. This app allows University officials to quickly contact registered recipients to communicate important information during any potential emergency, such as severe weather, fire or other crisis event.

911 Shield

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