Vanessa Hollowell

Assistant Director and Academic Services Coordinator


Jones Learning Center 146
Vanessa Hollowell

What you enjoy about being in the JLC?

Instead of limitations we see possibilities.  If the student is willing to put time and effort into accomplishing a goal, JLC staff work alongside them to support them in that goal.  We truly want to see students to succeed.  I enjoy watching the change within a student during their time at Ozarks.  I’ll never tire of seeing a freshman start college, unsure of who they are and what they can accomplish, and watch them grow and develop skills they need to continue their journey after college.

Special part about being at Ozarks?

At Ozarks we are a community and I love seeing students outside of the learning center.  I could run into them at a local restaurant or at an event on-campus, or as they display their art, or maybe while they participate in their sport or while I’m grabbing a cup of coffee at Campus Perks.  Ozarks supports students, not just academically but as they develop into who they will be.  It is really amazing to watch an entering freshman start their journey, help them as they grow, and then see who they are at graduation and beyond.

What would you say to parents or students who are thinking about the JLC?

To a parent – As a parent with a neuro-diverse child, I know it can be hard to envision what the “best” next step should be for your student. You’ve been involved daily with your child, advocated for them, encouraged them, and helped them grow. Starting college could mean success or failure and that can be scary.  But the JLC staff helps with transition to this unfamiliar environment. Your student can be successful on their own and discover who they are. Yes, there may be failures along the way but that’s how each of us learn. Many times failing comes before success. And that’s what the JLC staff does so well – taking the failures and helping students grow from them.  To a student – if you are ready to explore college, the support from the JLC staff is invaluable. College is a challenging transition for most students, but can be especially challenging if you have a learning disability. The JLC provides encouraging environment, guidance, and consistency as you navigate the academic environment. We will work as hard as you do to help you reach your academic goals.