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Climb Higher Campaign

Climb Higher Campaign

New heights start with a deeper commitment

For more than 180 years, University of the Ozarks has been a shining light calling successive generations to dig deeper, reach further and pursue their full potential.

But it didn’t happen alone.

A Shared Vision

It’s taken a substantial investment by those who share our vision to create a place where students get the support they need to succeed – and excel.

With your help, we will build on that commitment, raising $55 million to improve our campus in several key areas. Through Climb Higher: A Campaign for Students, we will fund new scholarships, enhance our exceptional facilities and equip our students with the tools they need to climb higher and achieve more.

Foresight is 20/20

What we have achieved together is nothing short of amazing.

And with your help, the Climb Higher Campaign, along with other initiatives, will enable us to make the following essential improvements by 2020 and meet other needs as they arise.

Science and Lab Facilities

Goal: $13 Million


Science has long been one of our top programs and major strengths. The beautiful new wing will add 21,500 square feet of space to the Smith-Broyles Science Building, providing support for future natural and health science programs, collaboration and create new spaces for students to connect and learn.

Why Give?

From medicine to mobile apps, our lives are constantly are being transformed by advances in technology, creating a demand for classes that prepare students to thrive in the global world.

Student Scholarships

Goal: $15 Million


Helping students overcome obstacles isn’t just a goal, it’s the reason we exist. From the Annual Scholarship Fund, to Jones Learning Center scholarships, to support for students studying abroad, we believe every student deserves the chance to succeed.

Why Give?

With 99% of our students relying on financial aid, your donation will help make an Ozarks education as accessible as it is exceptional and relieve students of financial burdens allowing them to follow their passion for learning. No matter where it leads.

Enrichment Endowments

Goal: $4 Million


Extraordinary learning requires faculty and staff who are always at the top of their game. Enrichment endowments make that possible, providing the funds they need to pursue their professional growth, acquire new skills and bring advances to the classroom that prepare our students for tomorrow.

Why Give?

Every dollar we invest in this area is returned to us triple fold. By expanding our enrichment endowments, we will improve our ability to recruit the best faculty and staff, create a more engaged and excited workforce and infuse every classroom with new energy and ideas.

Campus Renovations

Goal: $12 Million


We’ve made many incredible additions to our campus. And now, we must work to protect them, ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of future generations. Building endowments make sure funds are available for ongoing maintenance, equipment replacement or additional enhancements to create facilities that are state-of-the-art.

Why Give?

Nearly 45% of our academic buildings are endowed, allowing us to maintain our facilities and provide a state-of-the-art learning experience. Your gift will help us provide student housing and endow our remaining buildings.

Athletic Facilities

Goal: $11 Million


We welcome alumni and friends who bring their passion to the sidelines and new opportunities to teach the lessons that can’t be taught in class. In the coming years, we will revitalize our facilities, add tennis courts, softball and baseball diamonds, and soccer fields.

Why Give?

In order to compete at the highest level, it’s essential that we upgrade our current athletic facilities. In October of 2016, we started that undertaking – breaking ground on a massive upgrade that will turn what was merely a field of dreams into a bold reality.

How far have we climbed?

$54,337,384.66 Raised 99%

Every donation is one more step closer to our goal. We encourage you to make your gift today, and watch your contributions make a difference and help University of the Ozarks reach unprecedented heights.

Your Support Matters

Each year, a new group of students arrives at our door. Some from neighboring counties. Others from cities around the world. But no matter where they come from they all start their journey in the same place – on an amazing campus where promise finds purpose. With your help, we will continue to prepare them for the road that lies ahead, inspiring the uncertain, encouraging the brave and providing each student with the foundation they need to achieve their dreams.

Your support matters
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