Social Media

Social media enables Ozarks to share University news with stakeholders around the world as well as allow us to learn what is important to them.

University Related Social Media Accounts

University departments may maintain Ozarks related social media accounts and will only utilize the Ozarks social media platforms to publish content that is commissioned, created, or curated by that department on behalf of University of the Ozarks. If the guidelines listed below are not followed, University employees will lose the right to contribute to Ozarks related social media accounts and the individual employee(s) will be personally responsible for any monetary consequence:

  • Publishing content that is not owned by the University of the Ozarks (content includes the following items: quotes, statements, imagery, artwork, music, performances, and intellectual property) unless you have obtained permission to live stream copyrighted music or pay royalties in broadcast and internet mediums (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, and Sound Exchange).
  • Publishing content that is not connected to an university academic area, department, athletic program, group, event, function, activity and/or promotion
  • Publishing statements and content that are not royalty free without properly citing the original owner and/or receiving permission to use the content
  • Publishing statements and content that violate confidential and proprietary information
  • Publishing statements and content that promote a product or cause not connected to the University of the Ozarks unless approved by administration
  • Publishing statements and content that promotes a political party or candidate
  • Publishing statements and content not related to the University of the Ozarks

Employees who act as administrators on University related social media accounts are required to attend a social media workshop.

Institutional Social Media Strategy

  1. Increase brand awareness. Share University content to increase Ozarks recognition among various stakeholders including, but not limited to prospective and current students, parents, faculty and staff, alumni and the Clarksville community. To effectively target our audiences, our content must be held to a certain level quality and shared at strategic times based on analytics. All efforts and content should be supportive of the University’s strategic plan.
  2. Engage & learn. Ozarks will utilize social media to access overall sentiment towards the University and respond accordingly. Conversations involving Ozarks should be monitored and addressed as needed. These platforms also allow us to provide a new level of customer service and tweak processes based on feedback.
  3. Storytelling. Social media will assist in telling the University’s story and help promote key aspects that set it apart. This will encourage stakeholders to marketing Ozarks themselves through the most powerful marketing method, word of mouth. Students are the focal point of our success and storytelling. We will strive to share authentic content of what our students are achieving. This is why we encourage the use of our branded hashtags such as #uozarks.
  4. Crisis Communication. Social platforms will be utilized to ensure that emergency communications are shared quickly to stakeholders. Additionally, social media conversations are monitored to help keep the University aware of possible crisis.


What platform is best for me?
Before creating a new Ozarks social media account, please contact the Director of Marketing. Assistance will be provided in deciding what platform(s) are best for you and ensure that your branding meets University guidelines.

Can someone give a presentation on social media guidelines to my area?
Yes, contact the Director of Marketing to schedule a presentation or workshop on your desired social media topic.

Can I receive assistance with my Ozarks social media account(s)?
Yes, contact the Assistant Director of Digital Marketing for guidance on how to best utilize or manage your platform(s) and create a strategy.

What is social media?
Social media encompasses all websites and applications that allow users to create and disseminate content or allow users to engage in social networking. Ozarks utilizes four main social accounts to stakeholders: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

How do I handle inappropriate comments?
While Ozarks supports free speech, any affiliated account must comply with University policies. If any post involves violence or is believed to be discriminatory, harassing, defamatory or obscene: Do NOT respond to the post; notify the Director of Marketing and print a copy of the post for your records with the date and name of the source.

Can I get my events promoted on the University of the Ozarks social media platforms?
Yes, as long as your event meets the following guidelines:
• Announcements or events must be relevant to the University’s stakeholders and be open to the public.
• Graphics must adhere to the University marketing guidelines.
• Graphics or provided text must include the following basic information: who, what, when, where, cost, contact name and number.
• Graphics much be sent two weeks in advance from the event date.

For additional questions, please contact Amy Lloyd, Director of Marketing at