Updated Mask Requirements for Spring 2022

January 12, 2022
By Amy Lloyd
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As covid-19 numbers continue to rise in Johnson County and around the country, Ozarks has implemented a mask mandate for all students, staff, and faculty. This means that in all indoor public spaces on campus, everyone will be required to wear a mask. 

Students will not be required to wear their masks in their resident hall rooms but will need to have them anytime they are out of their rooms. 

Proper masks will also be required. Proper masks include any mask that is double (or more) layered, surgical masks, or N95 masks. Masks that do not meet these requirements are: face shields when worn alone, gaiters, bandanas, or anything that is not double layered. 

As we continue to monitor the situation, we will update your policy as we see necessary. 

Thank you for your compliance in an effort to keep everyone on Ozarks campus healthy and safe. 

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