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The Art of Making Film: Córdoba to attend filmmaking workshop

February 11, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Communication Studies

When Alejandro Córdoba first saw a brochure advertising the New York Film Academy workshop in Orlando, Fla., he knew he wanted to attend, but without adequate funds the dream seemed out of reach.

That’s when Córdoba, a sophomore strategic communication major from Costa Rica, learned of the Academic Enrichment Fund, a university award that was established to help qualified Ozarks students fund enriching educational opportunities. Students have a wide range of projects, internships and experiences that they can use the funding for, but the proposals must explain how those experiences will broaden and enhance the student’s Ozarks education.

For Córdoba, this meant the opportunity to attend one the most prestigious filmmaking workshops in the country. For three weeks this June, Córdoba will be working with professionals in filmmaking during an intensive, hands-on workshop at Disney Studios in Orlando.

"Without the Academic Enrichment Fund, I would never have been able to pull this off. The experience is just too expensive," Córdoba said. "I put my heart into the Academic Enrichment Fund application. I really wanted it, and I’m honored to be chosen"

More than wanting to enhance his own education, Córdoba is committed to bringing his knowledge back to Ozarks.

"I’ll be making short films and working with actual film cameras, learning the arts and crafts of filmmaking in a state of the art facility," Córdoba said. "I’ll be working in a real film studio using the same cameras and equipment that professional filmmakers use. It’ll be a tremendous experience, and one that I’m excited to share with the rest of my department when I return."

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Sophomore strategic communication major Alejandro Córdoba will attend the prestigious New York Film Academy workshop in Orlando, Fla., in June.

Córdoba’s goal is to offer Ozarks’ communication and radio/television/video students cutting edge knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise have.

"The program here is mainly focused on news production and news reporting. What I’ll learn with the New York Film Academy can be applied to news reporting, but it can also be used in music videos, documentaries, etcetera. The knowledge will be very versatile," he explained.

Córdoba already has plans to teach his own workshop this fall in order to share his experience with the rest of campus.

"I will be working with Director of Broadcasting Susan Edens and Professor of Communication Greta Marlow to conduct a workshop on campus next fall. It will include a little of everything: cinematography, screenwriting, filmmaking and what’s behind it," Córdoba said. "The idea is to offer the workshop during the six to eight weeks leading up Ozarks’ 48-Hour Film Competition. That way anybody who wants to participate in the competition can participate in the workshop for several weeks before to learn and prepare to make great films."

During his three weeks in Orlando, Córdoba plans to make at least one short film that he can enter into national competitions.

"Right now, I don’t have the knowledge or capacity to make a film that could compete on the national level, like the College Television Awards, which are basically the college equivalent of the Emmys," he said. "Those are competitions that the best media schools attend, and I want to take Ozarks there."

More than just entering films into these competitions, Córdoba’s goal is to produce award-winning films.

"Hopefully, after this workshop, I’ll bring back a couple of Emmys for us," Córdoba said. "Ideally, having this experience will help Ozarks get to the next level."