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Talavera living her dream with Caterpillar Inc.

February 27, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Business Administration

Less than two years after graduating from University of the Ozarks, Dorisel Talavera finds herself in her dream job with one of the top companies in the world.

Talavera, who earned a degree in marketing and management from Ozarks in 2011, is living in Managua, Nicaragua, where she is a marketing and communications consultant for Caterpillar Inc. Latin-America. With 2011 revenues over $60 billion, Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

As part of the company’s Building Construction Products Division, Talavera travels extensively throughout Central and South America.

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Dorisel Talavera, a 2011 U of O graduate, is working as a marketing and communications consultant for Caterpillar Inc. Latin-America in Managua, Nicaragua.

"I work directly with a very large dealer network along the Latin-American region, creating guidelines for new marketing campaigns, tracking campaigns, creating motivational programs for sales forces and dealers, and developing communication programs and competitive analysis," she said.

Talavera interviewed with Caterpillar just a month after graduating from Ozarks.

"A few days later, I got the great call that notified me that I had been selected to take the new job," she said. "Since that day I promised myself to succeed and give my very best. It was the job I always dreamed of. It is thanks to this thought and God that I have received many rewards and accomplishments that are promising me a very bright future in this prestigious company."

Talavera believes she has found her niche with a company that is associated with construction sites and heavy duty equipment.

"Years ago, I never imaged myself working in a company like Caterpillar," she said. "But I have learned to love every single thing of it, from carrying my Caterpillar boots to the fields and operating the machines, to getting immersed in those unique Caterpillar conversations. I feel truly connected with this company and very motivated to see what the future might bring to my professional career. I am delighted with everything I have accomplished in my short professional life and the many opportunities that this job has given me.

In less than two years in her position, Talavera has taken on more and more responsibilities within the Fortune 500 company.

"I have been offered the opportunity to travel to different countries to coordinate regional trainings for dealers, attend meetings, join company trainings, and participate in important construction tradeshows for Latin America," she said. "Some of the countries I have visited so far include, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and in April I will be going to Cancun, Mexico, to coordinate the 2013 Sales Managers Training.  What I like the most are the opportunities to interact with many people from different countries, travel to several places and discovering new cultures,  learning the heavy machine language, and work in my field of study, with which I feel strongly connected and passionate. "

Talavera has learned that hard work and dedication can help overcome challenging assignments that might come her way.

"One of the most exciting experiences I had so far was at a construction tradeshow in Brazil, one of the biggest construction tradeshows in Latin America," she said. "At the tradeshow, I had to talk directly to customers in Portuguese language. I was assigned a machine and I had to give a small presentation about it to customers that showed a purchase intention at the show.  For me, it was quite challenging as at that time because I had very little Portuguese knowledge. It took me hours to prepare, but the outcome was a complete success."

Talavera is excited about her future.

"Making an impactful dream a reality is exactly what I set myself to do when I left Ozarks, living the life as I have always imagined," she said. "I consider myself a dreamer and idealistic. I love to imagine that there are no limits and that one has the virtue to make positive changes  to many of the things that are already established in life. However, I truly recognize that in order to make these positive changes, we must not only dream, but act; not only plan, but also believe. These dreams and motivations have inspired me to achieve great things in my life, those of which have been the product of very deep passion."

She is also quick to credit her education and experiences at Ozarks for her success.

"I feel very accomplished personally and professionally and I must admit that part of this merit I owe it to the experiences I lived at Ozarks, which forged me into the determined and courageous person that I have become today," she said. "I am also very thankful to the Walton Scholarship program for giving me the chance to study at Ozarks. It is a pleasure to represent my university in such a prestigious company as Caterpillar. With no doubts, the education I received fully prepared me to accomplish many great things. At Ozarks, one of the most important things I learned was to live every moment with passion and this is today the driving force that pushes me do more and better at what I do, holding the thought to live confidently in the direction of my dreams."