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Student Support Services program receives $1.3 million federal grant

August 13, 2015
By cnp
Posted in Academic Support

University of the Ozarks' Student Support Services (SSS) program has been awarded $1.3 million from the U.S. Department of Education over a five-year grant cycle that will enable the program to provide new and existing academic initiatives to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The award goes into effect Sept. 1.

The SSS program is part of TRIO, an initiative established by the federal government in 1964 to overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. Ozarks has offered the SSS program on its campus since the early 1980s.

"We are grateful to be given the opportunity to continue to provide quality services to our first generation, income eligible students," said Connie High, the director of TRIO SSS at Ozarks. "In addition to the services already in place, we are looking forward to implementing new initiatives.  All services focus on retaining and graduating our students."

The SSS program at Ozarks provides extensive academic and career services to students, including tutoring, course advisement, career exploration, note-taking, success sessions, and financial aid workshops.  All services are free to eligible students.

Ozarks is certified to serve 180 students who are first-generation college students, students from low income families, and students with disabilities.

"This is a wonderful grant that supports our students in need," said Ozarks Provost Dr. Travis Feezell. "We have seen the positive outcomes of this grant previously and we are grateful to continue to offer these services moving ahead."

Along with High, the SSS staff at Ozarks is comprised of Kimberly Spicer, academic coordinator; Andrea Carlile, advisor and skills coach; and Charmaine Hutchinson, administrative coordinator.

For more details on the SSS program at U of O, please contact High at 479-979-1300.