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Sophomore Phillips self-publishes Christian living book for young adults

April 2, 2014
By cnp
Posted in Interfaith Studies

Rebecca Phillips, a sophomore at University of the Ozarks, recently released her first self-published book geared toward helping young Christian adults navigate difficult decisions and deal with their inevitable mistakes.

Phillips, originally from Arkadelphia, Ark., is currently majoring in radio/television/video and strategic communication. She has been actively involved with the Methodist Church since childhood and decided to attend U of O to figure out how best to continue that work throughout her life.

"Because of my major, I have come to truly believe that communication can change the world; you just have to do it in the right and moral sense. One of my main roles on campus is being involved in the religious life. I’m the vice president of Methodist Campus Ministries as well as the media specialist chapel fellow," Phillips said.

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Rebecca Phillips, a sophomore RTV and strategic communication major, recently self-published her first book, which is geared toward helping young Christian adults navigate tough decisions and deal with their mistakes.

Despite Phillips’ spiritual foundation in high school, she struggled during her freshman year at college and found herself questioning the decisions she was making. Phillips began working on her book, "God Knows What Sex Feels Like," shortly after as a way of reconnecting with her faith and sharing her story. 

Phillips has received some criticism for the provocative title of her first work, but defends her choice, saying the book isn’t about sex.

"It all started off as a joke with one of my friends. ‘God knows what sex feels like’ was advice that she told me to make a point that God understands everything, even my most intimate experiences," Phillips explained. "When I started to dig into scripture and discover things for myself, I realized that was true. Whatever experiences I was having, whatever choices I was faced with, God knew about them. And I knew that God wanted me to share that."

While Phillips never imagined that writing a book would be a part of her plan, she does plan to continue writing. Her priority now, however, is to finish her undergraduate degree.

"My goal is to graduate from University of the Ozarks. After that I hope to use the skills I learned to speak at churches, youth events and colleges and to continue writing books. Video ministry is something that I want to delve into as well," Phillips said.

For more information about the book or to purchase a copy, please visit