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Shook captures top honors in ARCH Symposium

April 23, 2015
By cnp
Posted in Student Events

Senior mathematics major Sam Shook took the top honors in the Oral Presentations category at the third annual Advanced Research and Creative Highlights (ARCH) Symposium, held on campus April 20.

A record-breaking 63 student presenters and 44 projects highlighted this year’s ARCH Symposium, which serves as an opportunity for U of O students to showcase the academic research and projects they have been involved in throughout the year. The presentations and projects were evaluated by a panel of judges as well as other participants and cash prizes were awarded in various categories.

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Senior environmental studies major Jessica Smith explains her poster, "Natural Gas Fracking and The Natural State: Natural Enemies?" during the ARCH Symposium.

In the Oral Presentations category, Shook earned the Outstanding honor and $200 for his senior mathematics project titled, "Traversing Chutes and Ladders." The project examined the childhood board game by illustrating how to find the "probability of completing any given game set up in ‘n’ rolls and calculate the expected number of rolls it would take to finish the game."  

Also in the Oral Presentations category, Laura Calderon and Mary Eoff both earned Distinguished honors and $150. Calderon’s project was titled, "International Internship in Madrid: Science and Management in a Global Environment," and Eoff’s project was, "Integrated Thematic Unit of Study and Impact on Student Learning."

Samuel Binns and Alisha Nystrom both took home Achievement recognition, while Mollie Palmer and Elizabeth Tate won Merit Awards. Clayton Rogers won the People’s Choice Award in Oral Presentations for his project titled, "The Impact of a Positive Environment on Subjective Well-Being of College Students."

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Frances Adams describes her project, "World Wildlife Fund," to a judge during the ARCH Symposium. Adams won The People’s Choice Award in the Poster Presentations category.

In the Visual Arts category, junior art major Carmen Castorena won Distinguished honors and $150 for her project, "The Perfect Tommy Girl," a video performance piece that evaluated cross-cultural studies through a self-reflexive mechanism.

Also, in the Visual Arts category, Anaeli Rodas received the People’s Choice Award for a recycled dress project she created called "Spring During Winter."

In the Poster Presentations category, the Distinguished honor went to Elizabeth Tate, a senior early childhood education major. Her project, "Caring for Our World: An Early Childhood Study on Environmentalism," explored the knowledge of third grade students regarding the topic of environmentalism and why schools need to implement environmental topics into the classroom.

Codie Freeman took Achievement honors and Nena Evans earned Merit honors in the Poster Presentations category. The People’s Choice Award went to Frances Adams, whose project was titled, "World Wildlife Fund."