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Second “Are You Joe Enough?” fitness competition kicks off

February 5, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Student Events

Who will be crowned "Joe of the Year" for 2013?

Last year, during the first ever "Are you Joe Enough?" fitness competition, nearly 50 participants battled to see who was motivated enough to be called "Joe of the Year." Hopes are high that this year even more contestants will participate in the campus-wide fitness challenge, which will run from now until May 1.

The "Are You Joe Enough?" contest is named for Dean of Students Joe Hoing, who teaches a weight training class in the Rawhouser Weight and Fitness Center and who is considered the resident fitness guru around campus.

Alejandro Andino, a junior from La Ceiba, Honduras, is the manager of the Rawhouser Fitness Center this year and is excited to get the "Joe Enough" challenge underway.

"We believe last year’s challenge was very successful with nearly 50 participants. At the end of the challenge the ‘Joe of The Year’ title had to be shared between our two winners, Shaun Wiseman and Abraham Arias," Andino said.

The rules are simple. Contestants sign up to participate in the contest until May 1. They have access to recommended workouts using The Rawhouser Weight and Fitness Center equipment. Participants must weigh-in every two weeks. Weigh-ins are kept on file and confidential.

In the end, the contestant who has the highest percentage of weight loss based on their beginning weight will be crowned "Joe of the Year" and receive a prize for his or her dedication to fitness.

As part of the challenge, each participant will also undergo a fitness assessment before and after the challenge to track progress. The assessment will include measurements for height and body mass index as well as a fitness test.

"This year we are hoping to reach out to more people and provide even more ways to become healthy and fit," Andino said. "We are incorporating the fit test that comes along with our newly acquired Insanity program. This fit test provides a very good and tangible assessment on how fit a person is at the beginning and end of their workout regimen."

Weigh-ins will be held throughout the week of Feb. 4-8. Contact the fitness center for times and days of the weigh-ins.

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The Rawhouser Weight and Fitness Center is sponsoring the second “Are You Joe Enough?” fitness competition, which begins this week.