The Department of Education announced a further delay to release batches of FAFSA information (ISIRs) to schools until the first half of March.
Despite this, Ozarks is aiming to roll out financial aid packages within two weeks of receiving FAFSA information.
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Q & A With Senior Soccer Player Roxanne Moody

October 1, 2009
By cnp
Posted in Athletics

Roxanne Moody is from Euless, Texas, and has been a four-year lettermen with the women's soccer program.

Q & A With Roxanne Moody

Name: Roxanne Moody

Hometown: Euless, Texas

Classification (Athletically): Senior

Major: Management

Siblings: Brother, John

Favorite thing about Ozarks: The friends I’ve made.

After Ozarks I plan to: Move back to Texas forever!

Special Talent: Sleeping in.

Favorite day of the week: Thursday

What other sport beside the one you play would you play in college: Gymnastics, but at Ozarks, Tennis!

Which do you prefer, home or away games: Away

My sports hero is: Colby Keesee

Regular, Diet, or Water: Regular Dr. Pepper

Glass half empty or glass half full: Half full… of Dr. Pepper