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Plugge ’13 named newest admission counselor

August 16, 2013
By cnp
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Taylor Plugge, a 2013 University of the Ozarks graduate, has recently been hired by the University as an admission counselor.

Taylor Plugge, a 2013 Ozarks graduate, will recruit Little Rock, South Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, as an admission counselor for her alma mater.

Plugge, who graduated with cum laude honors while earning a degree in economics, will recruit students in the Little Rock area, as well as South Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. She is eager to embark on her first travel season with the Admission Office in a couple of weeks.

“I’m excited to travel to new areas, introduce those students to Ozarks and help them make the transition from high school student to college freshman,” she said. “I’m excited to give students an insight into my time at Ozarks and really show them what Ozarks is like.”

Plugge, a Hartman, Ark. native, actually chose a different university right out of high school before deciding to return Ozarks.

“I took concurrent courses at Ozarks while I was in high school. After high school, I thought I wanted to leave my small town and attend college somewhere farther away. But my time at Ozarks had spoiled me. After spending a semester at a larger university, I knew that I wanted the small class sizes and personable faculty at Ozarks. I came back to Ozarks in the spring of 2010, and it was the best decision I’ve made,” Plugge explained.

“Ozarks is so welcoming. The professors are awesome. They really know how to interact with students to make sure they achieve their best. Ozarks is a big family. Students need to know that they are going to have a voice here, and people are going to care about what they have to say,” she said.

Plugge, who worked in the University’s Advancement Office as a work-study student, is happy to add working with high school students to her repertoire.

“I worked in the Advancement Office for three and half years and I really put a lot of effort into that job and learned a lot,” she said. “I loved working with alumni and donors and helping the staff in that office. I always wanted to put 100 percent into my work, and I’m excited to take that drive and apply it to the admission office.”