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Ozarks Featured On Prominent Wrestling Web Site

May 12, 2014
By cnp
Posted in Athletics

University of the Ozarks Athletic Director Jimmy Clark is currently featured on the front page of one of the nation's premier wrestling web sites,, after being interviewed by its host Scott Casber earlier this week.

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Casber, co-founder of Takedown Wrestling, is considered the voice of NCAA wrestling and conducted the interview Monday.

The entire video interview with Clark can be found here:

Ozarks also made their television show this week. Casber mentions Ozarks during the "Headline News" segment of the show. The entire show can be found here:

Ozarks announced last month it would add wrestling as well as cheer/STUNT for the 2014-2015 academic year. Wrestling will become Ozarks eleventh NCAA Division III varsity sport. Ozarks is the sixth college in Arkansas to offer the sport, and the first NCAA Division III state college to do so.

The university also announced it will renovate the swimming pool area and convert it into a new wrestling facility.

The search for a head coach is underway.