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Ozarks’ Biology honor society welcomes new members

March 5, 2010
By cnp
Posted in Academics

Clarksville, Ark. --- Collegiate honor societies have always been groups which hold up the best and brightest students in their majors and encourage them to excel as part of those groups, and Ozarks has several such honor societies.

But one especially dear to the hearts of its members is Nu Eta, the local chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the National Biological Honor Society.

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 200,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 520 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. It is divided into regional and district groups, each of which holds a convention annually. Awards are given for outstanding individual and chapter accomplishment.

Last week Tri-Beta inducted into its ranks its nine newest members: Tyler Bazyk, Joshua Booth, Tristan Cooper, Sabrina Goddard, Jessica Martin, Megan Minniear, Andrea Muffuletto, Timothy Ramirez, and April Young. These young people have met the requirements for membership in the areas of grade point average, as well as service to discipline, university, and/or community.

“When we were chartered in 2005, there were 17 charter members,” said Tri-Beta faculty sponsor Dr. Sean Coleman. “We have an induction ceremony every spring. This spring we had nine inductees and one associate, Denise Wirth.  We try and hold to the three main themes of the organization – first, to promote scholarship in the biological sciences; second, to promote the dissemination of biological knowledge; and third, to encourage research. We try and do service projects every semester.  It is one of my favorite things to see these young scientists inducted into such a prestigious honor society.  We attend the regional convention every spring, and last year we were the organizers of the meeting. I enjoy it.”

“I was thrilled to be invited to be part of such a prestigious organization,” said sophomore biology major Megan Minniear. “Not only is it an honor in itself, but graduate programs and medical schools tend to look very favorably on these sorts of affiliations, so I’m really glad to be involved. We all need all the help we can get.”

The words spoken by the new members in their induction ceremony bond them as Biology majors, as scientists, and as students: “I hereby affirm that I will strive to promote and perpetuate the spirit and idealism of Beta Beta Beta. I will be true to its interest, mindful of its honor, and will help to accomplish its objectives. I will discharge faithfully my obligations to Nu Eta Chapter and to the Society.”

And they do.


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