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Ozarks Baseball Team Has Become Part of the Community

December 14, 2011
By cnp
Posted in Athletics

Clarksville, Ark.--- Members of the 2012 University of the Ozarks baseball team spent the past week reading books to children at the Clarksville and Lamar Elementary Schools.

In an effort to get more involved with the community and raise awareness for the baseball program, players took time out of their daily routines to reach out to the community.

The players were split up between Clarksville and Lamar, and were assigned to specific teachers.
The Ozarks student-athletes were able to choose from a variety of books available in the library. Senior Chris Driedric chose to read a Christmas book called The Money We’ll Save. Driedric read the story with enthusiasm and kept the children entertained the entire time.

“I love going to read at the schools,” said Driedric, who is from Little Rock, Ark. “It’s good to give back to the community and it’s really fun. It’s something different and unique and I think we are the only team on campus that reads to the local schools, and that makes it even more special.”

Junior Drew Clark of Elkins, Ark., read Auntie Christmas. This book brought up several good questions about Christmas. Clark and Driedric ended their time by asking the children what they wanted for Christmas and in return the children asked them what they wanted for Christmas.
Clark responded, “I can’t wait to get home for Christmas, that’s all I want right now.”

The Ozarks baseball team has read to the school for the last four years.

“I like for our players to do community service projects and do things out of their comfort zone,” Head Coach Jimmy Clark said. “I think it’s important for our players to establish some ties within the community and it always helps to involve the kids.”

In addition to reading at the elementary schools, the team has already participated in the First Baptist Church Thanksgiving outreach and they helped collect money for the Christmas Angel project on campus.

“I am proud of their contributions and their willingness to help others. This is a quality that we are trying to develop in our young men,” said Clark.

By Kaitlyn Williams, Student Assistant for Sports Information