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Ozarks’ athletic department to host Icebox Athlete

November 8, 2012
By cnp
Posted in Athletics

You have to be "tough" to be an athlete. On the field, the track, or the court - we want the players on our teams to make those impossible catches, kick those game-winning goals, or jump the highest to pull down the rebound. It's a highly competitive environment that can put extraordinary demands on the athlete.

For the student-athlete, these demands can be especially daunting. Not only is there pressure to perform in the athletic competition, the student-athlete must also learn to balance the demands of their sport with their academics. The student-athlete needs to be mentally tough to succeed both on the field and in the classroom. Enter Icebox Athlete.

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Icebox Athlete is an internationally recognized provider of workshops for student-athletes, coaches, and teams. As part of a continuing education program provided by an NCAA grant, the Ozarks athletic department is bringing Dr. Spencer Wood, President of Icebox Athlete, to campus where he’ll present his Mental Skills and Toughness Training workshop for Ozarks’ student-athletes.

The interactive workshop is designed to teach student-athletes the mental toughness skills they’ll need to master as they pursue athletic and academic excellence. It focuses on four main areas:

  • Defining Mental Toughness: What does it mean to be mentally tough, both on and off the field/court?
  • Clutch Performance: What are the keys to developing poise, focus and confidence when it counts the most?
  • Performance Consistency: What critical mental routines can help the athlete drive high performance consistency and success?
  • Pressure Preparation: How can you prepare the mind to meet athletic, academic, and personal challenges?

The workshop will also show the athletes how mastering these skills can help them succeed not only as an athlete, but also in their academic and professional lives.

"We have had several educational programs over the years regarding the physical and health related elements of sports," said Chad Floyd, Ozarks’ Athletic Trainer. "Coaches and student-athletes may not think about the mental aspect of competition and how it can affect their performance, positively or negatively.  This will be a unique and beneficial program that can possibly enhance athletic performance in a different way."

The Icebox Athlete program has been used across the nation by schools in all three NCAA divisions, and has been featured on national television networks such as NBC and ESPN. In addition to conducting workshops, Wood has published a number of articles on developing mental skills and toughness. He is an NASM-PES & NSCA CSCS exercise specialist, and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, as well as a Ph.D. (ABD) in psychology with an emphasis in sport psychology.

The program, which is open to Ozarks student-athletes and other members of the campus community, will be held in the Rogers Conference Center on Monday, November 12 beginning at 11:00 a.m.