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New club brings “Glee” to university

February 27, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Student Organizations

Since the hit television show Glee soared in popularity, glee clubs and other show choirs have been enjoying the spotlight like never before. Now, thanks to a few enterprising students and one persistent tennis coach, Ozarks can boast its own glee club.

Codie Freeman, a sophomore from McKinney, Tex., is a double major in environmental studies and sociology, a member of the Lady Eagles soccer team, and the newly inaugurated president of Ozarks’ Glee Club.

"I started tossing around the idea of a Glee Club last year. I know a lot of other colleges have similar clubs, so I thought, ‘Why not here?’ " Freeman said. "I asked around and was told that our head tennis coach Shaun Wiseman had been interested in starting a glee club for a long time. I talked to him, and he was really excited about getting it started."

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One of the newest organizations on campus is the Glee Club and includes, (from left) Treasurer Matt Carroll, President Codie Freeman, Vice President Rachael Drake and Advisor Shaun Wiseman.

Wiseman, who became the club’s official advisor, majored in music as an undergraduate and has been hoping for an opportunity like this at Ozarks.

"I have been involved with music theatre my whole life and since arriving at Ozarks I’ve been sad that there wasn’t more opportunity for the campus community to perform," Wiseman said. "I wanted to get an organization going that would include students from every corner of the campus with the goal of sharing the joy of music performance with the local community."

Matt Caroll, a sophomore environmental studies major from Roswell, New Mexico, is the Glee Club treasurer and has been organizing the auditions. After two rounds of auditions, Ozarks’ Glee Club has nearly 30 participants, exceeding the hopes of the founding members.

"I’ve been really pleased with the auditions. I was afraid we wouldn’t have anyone interested, but we got a really great number," Caroll said. "When Codie came to me with this idea, I right away agreed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a glee club our way."

Plans are already in the works for Glee Club performances on campus.

"This year, since we’re just getting started, we plan to have one, big, end-of-the-year variety show," Freeman explained. "The show will include group pieces and solo numbers. We’re also welcoming any individual performers, outside of glee club, who would like to participate."

After this semester, the group hopes to expand its membership and its range.

"The spring variety show will give our performers an avenue to showcase their talents and have fun doing so," Wiseman said. "In the fall, we plan to do a dinner theatre and some Christmas caroling at the hospital and retirement center in December"

For more information about the Ozarks Glee Club or being involved with the spring performance, contact Codie Freeman at or Shaun Wiseman at