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Houston printmaker to present October exhibit in Stephens Gallery

September 27, 2016
By cnp
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Houston, Texas, printmaker Kelly Moran will present her exhibit, "Entanglement," in the University of the Ozarks' Stephens Gallery from Oct. 3-28.

The exhibit is part of the University’s Artist of the Month Series. There will be a reception to meet the artist from 3-4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 3, in the gallery.

A native of New York, Moran said her artwork offers "a mixed bag of happy urban myth and late American culture pop."

"But at the same time I want the pieces so well executed that one wants to stop and think it all over," she said. "While I take advantage of an omnipotent time frame and there’s some universal role playing going on, we are also looking back at ‘the way we were’ just far enough in the past to clue us into the fact that the human chemistry hasn’t changed. I do a lot of complex planning and process in in my work but am always inspired and of the moment. My images are gleaned from the internet junk heap, eBay, vintage magazines and advertising, while working in media that require a great deal of craftsmanship like woodcuts, lino-cuts, digital technology and archival digital printing."

Moran maintains  a printmaking studio in the Houston Heights area. She earned a BFA in painting from Louisiana Tech University, studied ceramics in the University of Houston’s graduate program, and also did an independent study of textiles and ceramics in Indonesia. While completing an apprenticeship at the renowned Little Egypt Enterprises, Moran discovered her interest in printmaking.

From 2003 to 2011, Moran worked as the associate director of Texas Collaborative, a fine art printmaking establishment founded by master printer Dan Mitchell Allison in Houston. In her practice as an artist, she combines the 17th century techniques of Rembrandt with 21st century digital computer technology; and creates hand pulled prints and mixed media pieces that challenge you to see the world with her unique vision. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions around the country and internationally. Her works hang in museums, as well as in corporate and private collections.

The Stephens Gallery is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Walton Fine Arts Center. There is no cost for admission and the public is invited to view the exhibits.

"Timeless," one of the artworks by Houston printmaker Kelly Moran." src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=

"Timeless" is one of the artworks by Houston printmaker Kelly Moran that will be on display throughout October in the Stephens Gallery.