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Garcia to spend summer studying biostatistics in NYC

May 21, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Mathematics

Daniel Garcia, a junior mathematics major from Clarksville, will leave at the end of this month to study biostatistics at Columbia University in New York for six weeks.

Garcia will participate in the prestigious Columbia Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (CSIBS) at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. The program only accepts a few advanced students each year, and Garcia is thrilled to be able to study with such a select group.

"At CSIBS, I will be participating in workshops, seminars, and be conducting research on one of the 14 projects that are available," Garcia explained. "My research will be done with a partner under a faculty member. My partner and I will present our research in a seminar towards the end of the internship."

The program will allow Garcia to be exposed to such things as public health case studies illustrating the power and influence of biostatistics in biomedical research as well as seminars on advanced methods and current challenges in biostatistics and research.

Garcia, who came to Ozarks planning to pursue graduate school in mechanical or computer engineering, plans to use this internship as an opportunity to explore different career paths.

"Though my mind is still set on engineering of some sort, I have come to be open to other options that utilize my math degree, like biostatistics. That’s why this opportunity is very important to me. The experience that I will gain from this internship will be valuable, and will definitely influence my career-choice. I still have two years left here at Ozarks and a lot can happen between now and then," he said.

Garcia has never traveled to a large city alone, but feels, given his experience at Ozarks, that he is well prepared to be successful this summer.

"I have never really been in a big city like New York by myself, so taking that leap from little ole’ Clarksville to ‘The Big Apple’ is a new experience. I am sure that the leadership skills I have gained from Ozarks will definitely help me during the internship," Garcia said.