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Frost To Lead Workshop At LDA Conference

February 1, 2019
By Amy Lloyd
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Julia Frost

Julia Frost, director of the University of the Ozarks’ Jones Learning Center, will make a presentation at the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas, on Feb. 20.

Frost’s presentation will be titled, “Transitioning to Employment for Adults with Learning Disabilities.”  Frost will lead the full-morning workshop with a disability service provider from another institution and two successful adults who have learning disabilities. One of those adults is Eric McGehearty, an Ozarks alumnus who will also serve as the Adult Luncheon speaker following the workshop.

The conference brochure describes the presentation this way:

“The transition from an educational setting to employment can be one of the most challenging transitions for anyone, but when you have a learning disability, the challenges are often multiplied.  This panel, made up of two adults with learning disabilities and two college disability program directors, will focus on effectively preparing for this transition, what challenges to be prepared for, and how to meet these challenges in a manner that will result in successful long term employment. Also covered will be understanding the laws that cover employment, disclosing the disability, exploring assistive technology, and learning effective self-advocacy skills.”

“During this workshop, you will hear from two individuals who have had to decide whether to disclose their learning disabilities to their employers, why they made the decisions that they did, and how they chose to proceed.  They will also share compensatory strategies they developed to enable their employers to assist them in implementing effective, reasonable accommodations so that they could succeed at work and life.  You will also hear from two college disability program directors who have seen their former students experience both success and failure in the world of work.  From their experiences, they will share what strategies the students who were successful used and suggest what steps others might take to reach the same success.  If you are an adult with LD or if you work with or parent of an adult with LD, this session will help you to make this transition a much smoother one.”

For more information on the services of the Jones Learning Center, please contact Frost at 479-979-1401 or

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