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Enactus team takes top award at ARCH

April 21, 2014
By cnp
Posted in Student Events

A presentation by the student business organization Enactus took top honors in University of the Ozarks' second annual Advanced Research and Creative Highlights (ARCH) Symposium, held on campus last week.

Enactus won the Alumni Board Award, the overall top honor, for its oral presentation about a series of community service projects that the organization was involved in. The presenters included team members Jose O’Conner, Kurt Shemanske, David Estrada, Amanda Paz, Gabriela Pena, Andrea Chamorro, Catalina Chen Li and Adriana Beltran. The winning group received the Alumni Board Award cash prize of $250.

Enactus also won the $25 People’s Choice Award in the oral presentation category. Presentations by freshman Obed Gonzalez and senior Kelly Gorny each won $200 Outstanding honors in the category, while William Davenport, Tess Montgomery, Brianny Pupo and Ryan Smith all won Distinguished honors. Daniel Garcia and Jessica Temple won Achievement honors and Karina Calderon took Merit honors in the oral presentation category.

In the poster presentation category, senior Matthew Friant won the $150 Distinguished award for his work on the Ozarks Nature Preserve and senior Monica Seiler won Outstanding honors for her student-teaching efforts of introducing Dr. Seuss to third-graders. Senior Riley Young won the Merit award and Katie Kloepfer and Fernanda Montero each received a People’s Choice award.

In the visual arts category, sophomore Noah Holle won the Distinguished award for her presentation, "Offering Life to Those Hidden Within Boundary," and the People’s Choice award for her "Perceiving Apprehension." Matthew Wellborn won the Achievement award and Lyndsey Acton won the Merit award in the visual arts category.

"This year’s ARCH Symposium was very impressive," said Emma Bottorff, director of campus activities and ARCH coordinator. "The judges were all very impressed by the quality of work that was presented. I heard numerous comments about how difficult the judging was because of the quality of the projects."