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Doty ’12 blazing a trail in digital marketing

October 10, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Business Administration

Zach Doty, a 2012 Ozarks graduate from Waco, Texas, is currently working as a digital marketing specialist for Forthea Interactive Marketing, a thriving full-service internet marketing firm in Houston, Texas.

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Zach Doty, a 2012 Ozarks graduate is a digital marketing specialist for one of the top advertising agencies in Houston.

Doty, who majored in marketing and strategic communication at Ozarks, was offered a position with Forthea immediately following graduation.

"I started working two weeks after graduation," Doty explained. "I had one week to sleep and re-pack, then one week to look for an apartment in Houston."

As a digital marketing specialist, Doty helps Forthea’s clients develop effective internet marketing strategies to maximize exposure and returns. Doty credits his internships for helping him narrow down his field of interest. 

"Thanks to a number of internships, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in marketing and advertising, preferably in an agency setting," Doty said. "Fortunately, I had a number of good relationships from internships and networking in the Houston area. One of those relationships is now the VP of Operations at Forthea. When I learned of the position, I was attracted by the opportunity to join a growing company and get a lot of practical experience."

While still early in his marketing career, Doty is confident in his current professional path.

"I definitely enjoy my career," he said. "Investing in a young, growing company is both challenging and rewarding, but I enjoy a fun work environment. Plus, I’m getting a lot of deep experience in business and marketing and wide exposure across a number of industries that I might not gain otherwise. Also, it’s been awesome to be a key player in taking a startup company to a Top 10 advertising agency in Houston."

As a student at Ozarks, Doty participated in multiple internships, was involved with several campus organizations, and worked for the Sports Information Office. Doty emphasized that his time at Ozarks was instrumental in providing him with the keys for success, but he also stressed the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities offered.

"Being well-rounded and involved was very valuable," he said. "If you can start working on balancing commitments, resources and time before you graduate, you’ll be better suited after graduation. Working with Josh Peppas in the Sports Information Office was a great experience because I was able to implement things I learned from internships and course work to grow the brand of Ozarks Athletics in the digital space. But it was only by acting on available opportunities that I was able to be well-prepared for a professional career. It was up to me, and is up to each student, to take advantage of the opportunities Ozarks offers."

As a recent graduate who went immediately into the workforce, Doty has a lot of advice for current students.

"College is one of few chances you have for a fresh start and to change the trajectory of your life. Make it count," Doty said. "Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions. Be a person that asks questions. You would be surprised how much you can miss out on by not asking questions. Branch out in your relationships. Contact industry associations through your professors, track down alumni in your field of interest, and meet new people. Also, read Dave Ramsey’s "Entreleadership." It’s a book that every new graduate heading into the workplace should read. It will teach you many valuable lessons and save you from a good deal of pain. Finally, build a life that makes your friends and family proud."