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Carroll, Bottorff named “Joes of the Year”

May 9, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Student Events

The winners of Ozarks' second annual "Are You Joe Enough" fitness challenge were announced as the competition wrapped up at the end of last week.

The "Are You Joe Enough?" contest is named for Dean of Students Joe Hoing, who teaches a weight training class in the Rawhouser Weight and Fitness Center and who is considered the resident fitness guru around campus.

Contestants signed up to participate in the contest throughout the semester. They had access to recommended workouts using The fitness center equipment. Participants weighed in every two weeks, and the top prize was awarded based on percentage of body weight lost.

This year, Matt Carroll, a sophomore environmental studies major from Roswell, N.M., took the student award.

"I wanted to do this challenge because I realized that I needed to get in better shape than what I was at the beginning of the challenge," Carroll said. "It was nice to be recognized for all the hard work. I am planning to continue to keep up the workouts in the coming semesters."

The faculty/staff winner this year was Emma Bottorff, director of campus activities and a 2009 Ozarks graduate. For Bottorff, the "Joe Enough" challenge offered her the motivation to lose nearly 40 pounds and rediscover a healthy lifestyle.

"The reason I got involved in the challenge was simple. I had let myself go," she said. "When I came back to work at Ozarks, it really hit me that I wasn’t the athlete I was when I came to Ozarks as a freshman or when I graduated. I wanted a happier, healthier, more energetic Emma. So, the Joe Challenge gave me the extra motivation I needed."

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Sophomore Matt Carroll and Director of Campus Activities Emma Bottorff were the winners of the annual “Are You Joe Enough?” campus fitness competition.