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Art Professor Harrington leads printmaking workshop

April 29, 2014
By cnp
Posted in Art

University of the Ozarks Professor of Art Tammy Harrington was one of the featured artists in the printmaking workshop "Printing Color Etchings with Mat Board Stencils," held at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark., on April 24.


Harrington’s Chinese papercut artwork, Crane, was recently accepted into the 2014 National Juried Exhibition in Batesville, Ark.

Harrington ran the workshop with her husband, Neal Harrington. The workshop was presented in conjunction with an exhibition of the Arkansas Society of Printmakers, an organization in which both Harringtons belong. The exhibition "Print Evolution" was on display at the Art Building Gallery at Hendrix College April 9-24. Tammy Harrington had several artworks displayed as part of the exhibition. 

In addition, Tammy Harrington recently had one of her artworks, Crane, accepted into the 2014 National Juried Exhibition at the Batesville Area Arts Council in Batesville, Ark. The show runs from April 14 to May 30.

Crane is in the papercut technique, which is a traditional Chinese folk art technique. 

"I started off with a red piece of charcoal paper, drew out my design, which is inspired by the graphic depictions of cranes in the Chinese culture, and then used an X-acto knife to cut out all the white areas," Harrington explained. "This is a very laborious technique and it requires lots of patience to complete the piece. There are several delicate areas that can easily tear.  Much of the folk art of Chinese papercut imagery reflects themes important to Chinese mythology. The crane is symbolic of longevity and auspiciousness.  A long life span is associated with these birds and they are the most popular bird used in the Chinese culture.  I found the long and sleek appearance of the crane very appealing against the rough texture of the tree bark and pine needles."

Harrington has taught in the art department at Ozarks since 2002.

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University of the Ozarks Professor of Art Tammy Harrington describes a printmaking technique during a recent workshop that Harrington helped lead.