Almaraz-Martinez to Present Senior Exhibit

October 20, 2020
By Larry Isch
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Blanca Almaraz Martinez

Recent University of the Ozarks graduate Blanca Claudia Almaraz-Martinez of Clarksville will present her Senior Art Exhibit, “And a Million More…,” from Oct. 26 through Nov. 6 in the University’s Stephens Gallery.

Almaraz-Martinez graduated in May with Cum Laude honors with a bachelor’s degree in art and psychology. Her senior show was postponed in the spring because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almaraz-Martinez will present an artist’s talk at 6 p.m., Nov. 4, via Zoom. The link to the event is:

A contemporary ceramic sculptural artist, Almaraz-Martinez’s artwork reflects psychological mental disorders that are present in the 21st Century.

“Through the various installations, the audience will experience time being frozen, while experiencing a tangible form of various aspects of unconscious mind behaviors, storage and effects,” Almaraz-Martinez said. “The audience is presented with an opportunity to bring their own personal experience into the artwork. They will be able to take the titles of the artwork and connect with it. Introspection allows us to reflect what we have accomplished, and what we want to accomplish in the future. Ceramic works in various sizes help the audience experience what it is to have a tangible form of reflection.”

Freudian Unconsious Mind ShelvesAlmaraz-Martinez said Sigmund Freud’s theories of personality are reflected within the shelf installations that consists of the “Freudian Unconscious Mind Shelves.”

“The installations focus upon the super ego, the id, and the ego,” she said. “This is part of the unconscious mind and personality. The id is primal desires, ego is the reason and self-control, and superego is the quest for perfection. These concepts help to explain the multiple layers within the whole installations, human behavior impacts how individuals functions. The multiple items help create a visual representation of people and memories that we have formed in our lifetime. The bookshelves have been morphed to take many forms that aid the human evolution that constantly rises in our unconscious minds.”

She said a verity of twists have been added to these theories, which reflect on her perception, thoughts and experiences. 

“The variety of pieces symbolize the multitude of experiences, people, and memories that we have made throughout the years,” she said. “The variations of sizes represent the impact events, individuals, and society have on an individual’s life. This ideas and creations behind the artworks arose from personal experiences and individuals that have created an impact in my life. The overarching appearance of the artwork is to target positive, negative, and growth aspects of life. The growth that streams from these life experiences are represented through a ceramic form.”

She added that through all of her “And a Million More…” exhibit, she depicts and communicates the action of growth, construction and deconstruction. 

“Pieces are visually represented through the act of breaking apart and carving into clay vessels to make growth through vines and roses,” she said. “The overall concept of the installations as a unit it to create a sensation of emotions flowing through the artworks. Also, to give the audience an avenue to think with an aesthetically pleasing installations with various pieces and negative spaces to lay their eyes. Having a tangible form aids the flow of emotions that once were once stranded in a sea of emotions. All these aspects are formed through the ceramic work that form a part of the series.”

A native of La Joya, Rio Grande, Zacatecas, Mexico, Almaraz-Martinez moved to Clarksville when she was four. The 2016 Clarksville High School graduate has displayed her artwork at the River Valley Arts Center collegiate competitions as well as in the University of the Ozarks’ student art show.

The gallery, located in the Walton Fine Arts Center, is open to the campus community Monday through Friday.

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