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May 24, 2010 • Posted in

Students track elusive ghosts in U of O summer courses

Clarksville, Ark. --- "From ghoulies and ghosties / And long-legged beasties / And things that go bump in the night, / Good Lord, deliver us!" Thus goes the old Scottish children's prayer. On a recent Sunday night, U of O students had the opportunity to put this theory to the test as part of summer […]

February 25, 2010 • Posted in

Professor turns colleagues into action figures

Clarksville, Ark. --- Q: What do these things have in common? G.I. Joe, Hulk Hogan, Luke Skywalker, Gene Simmons from Kiss, Spider-Man, and Ozarks President Dr. Rick Niece. A: They are all action figures. Action figures? Even Dr. Niece? Yes, even our beloved president, turned into miniaturized 3-D movable art (with bendable joints), thanks to […]