We will answer questions as we come upon them. Check back for updates.

Do I have to wear a mask outside of my residence hall room?

Yes, all residents are required to wear masks or face coverings in all indoor spaces on-campus including common areas within residence halls, such as bathrooms, lobbies, or hallways. Students are also required to wear masks or face coverings in outdoor spaces on-campus while in the presence of others. 

Where and how should I report if I have symptoms?

If you have symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, return to or remain in your room immediately and email for further instructions.

How is dining going to function during the fall semester?

Starting with move-in and orientation, dining services will operate in a pre-packaged to-go format. As we evaluate the state of public health, we will assess for opportunities to transition to in-person dining with precautionary measures in place. Students will receive email communication with updates as additional dining options become available.

How do I attend Chapel?

Live chapel services will be held in a virtual capacity via Zoom until further notice. Students will receive email updates from the University Chaplain regarding chapel service details.

How will housing check-in work this Fall?

New student move-in is scheduled for August 19, 20, and 21, and all new students will be assigned a specific date and time slot for arrival. Returning student move-in is scheduled for August 22, 23, and 24, and all returning students will sign-up for a move-in date and time.

All on-campus residents will receive email communication regarding their specific move-in procedures along with confirmation of their specific move-in date and time in the upcoming weeks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at should you have any additional questions.

For information on move-in and orientation, please go to

Who do I contact regarding my fall housing if I’ve enrolled in fully online format for the fall?

Please contact our Director of Residential Life, Caitlin Huckfeldt, at to discuss options and resources available.

Will I have to wear a mask while training in the Strength & Conditioning Gym? 

Yes. You will need to distance yourself 6-feet from anybody else in the facility.  We will limit the number of people allowed in the facility at one time to meet guidelines.

Can I use the athletic facilities on my own time?

Yes, after we have established habits that promote health and safety. Strength & Conditioning Gym and outside fields will have “open hours.”  You will be expected to socially distance and wear a mask where appropriate.

As a student-athlete, how will meetings work with my coaches?

Meetings will be conducted through Zoom if a stand-alone meeting when social distancing guidelines are not achievable. At practice, you will be allowed to meet with social distancing standards in place.

If I test positive for Covid-19, how long will I be out of athletics?

You will quarantined for a minimum of 14 days and required to present a negative test to the athletic training staff prior to your return.

If I am an athlete and am exposed to Covid-19, what do I need to do?

Report this to student affairs, your head coach, athletic training and strength and conditioning staff. Quarantine and follow established protocols (very important to do this immediately for contact tracing).

Will I have to wear a mask in practice?

Yes, always start practice with a mask.  We will start practice with small groups and gradually work toward adding players over the course of weeks.  The teams will be treated as a family unit. 

When will I have to wear mask during my sport?

As a general rule, all the time, including when traveling on the cruiser or bus as our drivers will be vulnerable. 

What will the protocol be for travel during my athletic season?

Symptom check by the athletic training staff within 24 hours prior to travel. Anybody showing symptoms will not travel.  It is vital that student-athletes are honest during the screening.  The consequences for not disclosing symptoms because you want to play could be that your team cancels the next two weeks of competition and practice because we have to quarantine the entire team. Masks will be required on the bus.  Hand sanitization practices prior to getting back and after a stop is required.  We will pick up food to-go when possible. We will minimize overnight stays as much as possible.