Understanding Out-Of-Pocket Cost

Understanding Out-Of-Pocket Cost

Think you can't afford an Ozarks education? Think again. When it comes to actual college costs, there are a lot of factors that can have a big impact on the bottom line. Here's how we make the Ozarks experience affordable for families just like yours.

Our campus is home to students from all economic backgrounds.

Family Household Income

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2022-23 Costs

  • Tuition: $24,950.00
  • Room & Dining: $8,358.00
  • Learning Materials: $1,000.00

Comparison (2021-22)

But sticker price is just a starting point.
99 %

of students receive financial aid

2022-23 Total Cost $34,308.00

Don't forget—financial aid is your friend! Here's a breakdown of the three main types you could qualify for, and how much money they can help you save:

up to $18,500


You don't have to pay it back Institutional and State Scholarships
up to $6,495


You don't have to pay it back Pell Grants Up to $6,495 per student
up to $8,500


Repayment is required, but terms vary by type Institutional Loans & Federal Loans Up to $8,500 per student
up to $3,740


Work part-time to offset tuition costs Up to $3,740 per student (10 hours federal work-study for freshman)

Add, subtract and be amazed.

Put together all of the awards in your financial aid package and apply them against the total cost of attendance, you'll likely be left with an adjusted cost that's significantly less than the original published price.

$24.7 k

average financial aid package for incoming first-year students

Return on investment

Did we mention that our grads get hired?

Ozarks graduates have a 95% record of professional success.

95 %

Either employed or in grad school

Learn Your Actual Cost

Want to know what kind of financial aid package you could receive at Ozarks? Get started by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as the FAFSA. Apply as early as October 1 using school code 001094.

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Have More Questions?

If you have questions, or just need some help along the way, our financial aid team is here to help! Get in touch at oas@ozarks.edu or 479-979-1201.