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5 Reasons You Can’t Afford Ozarks

  1. Ozarks is Too Affordable.
    • Ozarks hasn’t increased its tuition in the last five years. An education from Ozarks costs one-third of the national average to attend a private, nonprofit university.
  2. Ozarks Provides Too Much Financial Aid.
    • 98% of Ozarks students receive financial aid. Ozarks distributed $8.8 million in institutional financial aid in the 2015-2016 academic year.
  3. Ozarks Eliminates Too Many Fees.
    • Ozarks decreased its cost of attendance 1.9 percent by eliminating student compulsory fees.
  4. Ozarks Provides Too Many Global Opportunities.
    • Ozarks provided $31,319 in 2015 for students to study abroad and pursue internships.
  5. Ozarks Students Have Too Much Post-Graduate Success.
    • Ozarks 2015 class had a 98% post-graduate success rate.
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