Our Students Begin by Facing Facts. They Leave Ready to Face the World.

When students challenged by learning disabilities, AD/HD, and ASD have every opportunity to thrive, amazing things happen. Our students begin by acknowledging and accepting their disabilities, and then are taught unique skills and practices that help them to compensate for their disabilities and achieve success. Growing both educationally and socially, our students graduate with an open mind toward learning and success that lasts a lifetime.

  • Paul Jarvis ‘17

  • Dr. John Milwee ’97

  • Patrick Rogers ’96

  • Deb Dillon, mother to Greg Dillon ‘09

  • Anne Sterba ’15

  • Samantha Hutto ‘17

  • Luke Gordy

  • Terri Thomas ’12

  • Sue Tull

  • Nick Conard ‘16

  • Nat & Shirley Thomas

  • Maegan Bell ’13

  • Greg Jensen ’93

  • Corey Snyder ’14

  • Debbie Rauschenberger

  • Greg Dillon ’09

  • Saima Chauhan ’99

  • Matt Carroll ’15

  • Caleb Hemphill ‘16

  • Robert “Bob” Liddon ’11

  • Garrett Donnell, Junior

  • Jack Foster, Sophomore

  • Ryan McNeill, Junior

  • Rowan Westheimer, Junior

  • Cooper White ‘15

  • Kyle Eberhardt ‘16

Sociology Major
Milton, GA

At the JLC, I have been able to get help with note taking, writing papers, and also have my tests read to me. As someone with dyslexia, these beneficial tools have helped me to stay on track and on time with my schoolwork, and college has actually been an enjoyable experience. My current good grades would not be possible without the JLC.

Little Rock, AR

At JLC I learned how to absorb the material being taught, recall it, and to think critically about what I had learned. My life as I enjoy it – a career, family, and a genuine love of learning – would not have been possible if not for my experiences at the University of the Ozarks generally and the Jones Learning Center specifically.

Broadcast Engineer
Pittsburg, PA

The JLC gave me the tools to learn and the confidence to realize that I wasn’t different from others, but that I just learned differently – it took me longer to grasp some things. After earning my Ozarks’ degree in communications, I pursued a career in broadcast television. I am now a broadcast engineer for NEP, a Pittsburgh production company.

We have had three sons who went to Ozarks and participated in the JLC program. Greg is our latest success story. The JLC forms partnerships with students and teaches these kids to have faith in the system and, more importantly, themselves. They become an advocate for the students and also help them to become advocates for themselves.

Both the students and professors are very welcoming here. It is a very close-knit community where academic and social support are always available when I need them. The JLC tutors, note takers and coordinators have helped me to go from asking, ‘What can I do?’ to ‘What can’t I do?’ and are helping me to construct a plan for the rest of my life.

History & Mathematics Major
Arlington, TX

My coordinator helps me with time management, keeping up with assignments and any homework that I have. School is a lot less stressful because of all the support I receive. I actually enjoy school for the first time in my life because of the JLC.

My son, Gray, has just entered the JLC program and is already off to a great start. He has autism and has greatly benefited from being part of the JLC Living and Learning Community. It is really helping him to grow both academically and socially. It is so rewarding to see Gray finally enjoying the success that I knew he could achieve all along.

Graduate Student at Florida State University
Fayetteville, AR

My JLC and Ozarks college experience was ideal. It was challenging and motivating and led me outside my comfort zone to intern at Google, plus venture abroad to further my education. Ozarks taught me to become a strong self-advocate and offered me opportunities to broaden my skills and horizons. And the JLC offered me the support to succeed.

Although my son recently passed, the JLC had a profound, positive impact on his young life. Like Jake, students in the JLC program learn to compensate for their disabilities, and when they receive that first taste of success, it breeds confidence and the transformation is amazing. I know it was for my son.

Student at the Organic Farm School
Whidbey Island, WA

The JLC has helped me overcome many of my learning disabilities by assisting me in organizing my assignments, schedule, and many other things. The college experience that I have had so far has been life changing and is giving me skills that will allow me to excel in the future.

We can’t begin to tell you all the positive differences the JLC made in our daughter’s life. They encouraged her, motivated her, and helped her to really stretch her comfort zone. She was even inspired to study abroad. Now she is building a future and career she never thought possible. The JLC at Ozarks was the right place for Terri.

Dallas, TX

Ozarks and the JLC have prepared me very well for my future of teaching and pursuing a master’s degree. In the beginning, my coordinator and the JLC staff really held my hand through everything. The JLC staff is very meaningful to me because they not only helped me gain independence academically, but they became like family in the process.

VP, Logistics – Propak
Fort Smith, AR

The value of the JLC program is that it is customized for each student. I have dyslexia yet I am also very independent. After being coached in the areas where I needed help, I was able to apply the things that I learned and begin to do them myself. The JLC helped me build skills and confidence, and today I am a vice-president for a logistics company.

Struggling with ADD my whole life, it was refreshing to find the JLC program that creates a customized plan to help me succeed, yet gives me the freedom to grow and learn in a way that works best for me. Coming from a family of teachers, my dream of earning a master’s degree and becoming a teacher myself is now a real possibility that I will achieve.

The caring staff at the JLC changed my daughter’s life. By Ronni’s third year at Ozarks, she discovered she was smart. And it was like opening up a whole new world. She was like a sponge. They taught her that she was a smart kid. And they taught her how to succeed. You just can’t imagine the difference in the kid. You just can’t.

The JLC students and staff will always go the extra mile to make sure you are accepted and accomplished. Even though I am challenged with executive function disorder, I was able to accomplish all of my educational goals with their guidance and support. Now I am gaining valuable management experience as I build a marketing career.

Journey Mental Health Center
Madison, WI

I grew up with a learning disability, and around people challenged by addictions. The JLC and Ozarks gave me the tools to help me cope with learning obstacles and inspired me to make a difference. Today, as a director of a residential substance abuse treatment program, I am helping people reclaim their lives.

When looking at colleges, Ozarks was the only one that had a learning disability program. Sometimes I need a little more explanation and help beyond the classroom and Debby (Mooney), my academic support coordinator, is always there for encouragement and support. The JLC offers real-world learning opportunities that will help me build my future.

Head Shooting Sports Coach, University of the Ozarks
Clarksville, AR

The JLC was the secret to my success.  Without the caring staff and the assistance they provided through the program, I feel a college degree would have been unobtainable.  Dyslexia is a formidable disability, but with the JLC there is hope and an avenue to overcome and succeed.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Miller Protective Services
Memphis, TN

The JLC is like no place on earth! If it hadn’t been for the JLC staff, I would not have made it as far as I did. I went to Ole’ Miss for a semester, and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed more support than they could give me. When my Dad and I came to campus for the first time, I knew that this was the place for me. I had amazing support from my coordinator from writing term papers to taking dictation for my exams and everything in-between

Rogers, AR

I’ve been to many schools, none of which offered what I needed to be successful. I didn’t think the U of O was going to be any different, but I was amazed when I found the JLC. They organize my tutors, and my coordinator does everything she can to help me succeed. I decided to dive into my studies headfirst, and now I’m doing much better. I believe that this will lead me to the career and life I want.

Mathematics Major
Tulsa, OK

The Jones Learning Center provides me with the support I need to succeed in college. Through the JLC, I get help with writing, studying, and time management. Because of the Learning Center, I can say that I feel confident at Ozarks. And if I can feel confident at Ozarks, I can feel confident anywhere.

Strategic Communication Major
Rogers, AR

I used to believe I was limited by my learning disability.  The Jones Learning Center helped me realize that my learning disability does not determine what I can and cannot do.  The Jones Learning Center changed my life by giving me the confidence to follow my dreams

Business Administration Major
Houston, TX

Since enrolling at the University of the Ozarks, I have done really well thanks to the Jones Learning Center.  I believe that I would not be where I am if I did not have this wonderful support system of people that genuinely care about my success and my wellbeing.  I truly love this school!

Outside Sales, Instrument & Supply Inc.
Austin, TX

The Jones Learning Center at the University of the Ozarks helped me through my college career more than I could possibly imagine. Not only is it a place for college students with learning disabilities in education, but the Jones Learning Center is family to me. The JLC helped me to accomplish one of my goals in life, to become a college graduate. With their great staff knowing how to work with young adults, it made college more understanding and enjoyable on a day to day basis. If it wasn’t for the Jones Learning Center, my college career would have been a bumpy road with all the challenges college throws at you.

Business Major
Boston, MA

The JLC was instrumental in my success at University of the Ozarks. Without the help of my coordinator, Debbie Carlton, and the rest of the JLC staff and support services, including the writing specialists and tutors, I would not have been nearly as successful as I was when I graduated.  My coordinator went above and beyond to help me keep track of and complete the myriad of assignments, essays, and projects. I am truly thankful for everything my coordinator and the JLC did for me. The skills they taught me will serve me well in the Masters of Business Administration program that I will be attending in August.



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