Finance Major

Finance is at the core of business decision-making. Companies need cash flow to pay employees' salaries, distribute dividends and reinvest in product innovation. Understanding how investments turn into revenue is an essential skill businesses need to succeed. Managers with finance skills can better understand their team's impact on the overall company and make well-informed decisions.
Finance career opportunities vary, with an array of specialties to choose from. Students can pursue careers in commercial banking, investment banking, financial planning, insurance, real estate, or venture capital.

With exposure to the foundations of accounting and economics, Bachelor of Science in Finance students apply the theoretical frameworks to engage in financial analysis and decision-making through financial planning, budgeting, investing, and problem-solving.

Degree Outcomes

Students will understand how an investment turns into revenue.

Students learn how to take quantitative data and use it to solve problems.

Students will develop financial literacy and learn how to apply it.

Pursuing a Marketing Major allows students to follow their creative or analytical side. Marketing communications such as marketing or website copy allow students to pursue their creative side. Marketing analytics, such as search engine optimization and data analytics, allow students to pursue their analytical side.

A marketing degree makes it easier to land an entry-level job in a wide variety of careers such as Marketing Manager, Advertising Manager, Public Relations Manager, Social Media Specialist, Advertising Sales Agent, Market Research Analysis, Product Developer, Brand Manager, or Merchandise Buyer.

A Bachelor of Science in Marketing prepares the student in foundational business concepts and current and relevant marketing topics that address the global and digital marketplace. Students apply theoretical frameworks to develop a holistic marketing strategy with an explicit focus on the 4 P's (product, price, place, and promotion).

Degree Outcomes

Students are prepared for a wide range of entry-level marketing positions in the corporate world.

Students are exposed to fundamental marketing concepts and learn how to apply them.

Students have opportunities to intern at local organizations or engage in specific marketing topics.

This minor is designed as the perfect combination for students to follow their dreams and desires. Whether it is music or psychology, this degree will provide sufficient knowledge to start and run a business. Entrepreneurship expands students' limitless capabilities, from being an employee to becoming the boss. Students will acquire basic accounting, economics, financing, management, and marketing knowledge.

Degree Outcomes

Students learn the basics to start and manage their own businesses.

Students apply the concepts to make a competitive business.

Students learn how to obtain a profitable path for a successful business.

A Bachelor of Science in Management prepares students to find many job opportunities to succeed in a business setting. This degree focuses on becoming competent and competitive in student's specialty area while incorporating our LENS humanistic approach. Students are exposed to economic, accounting, legal, marketing, financial and strategical management concepts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that this field is constantly growing and is expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future. Jobs available for this degree are available in public and corporate sectors as human resource managers, sales managers, training and development managers, medical and health services managers, industrial production managers, C-level executives (CEO, CFO, etc.), and small business consultants. With a student's unique combination of minors, they can start specializing in a specific business sector, which facilitates their career goals.

Degree Outcomes

Students are prepared for different business positions with distinctive capacities based on their expectations.

Students are well-prepared to pursue a superior educational enhancement for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, either nationally or internationally.

Students pair this major with other disciplines based on their preferences, allowing them to obtain a management position in a specific industry.

The Marketing minor introduces the fundamental marketing concepts of product, place, price, and promotion. Courses such as Digital Marketing deepen students' knowledge of marketing.
A Marketing minor strengthens and complements many LENS programs. For example, an Art Major can use a Marketing minor to help them promote their work to studios and clients. A Health Science student who desires to be a physical therapist can use social media strategies to engage with existing and new clients.

Regardless of which major(s) students pursue, knowledge of Marketing will help students in their personal and professional lives. Understanding marketing helps students become better consumers of goods and services.

Degree Outcomes

Students learn about the fundamental marketing concepts of product, place, price, and promotion.

Students learn how companies market goods and services to consumers.

Students incorporate marketing concepts into non-marketing career paths that benefit from a knowledge of marketing skills.

Economics is the discipline that seeks to understand and explain why people make financial decisions. The discipline focuses on the actions of players as large as a national economy and as small as an individual. Understanding rational economic behavior influences business decision making—from marketing and pricing decisions to resource allocation questions--and governmental actions and policies—from tax policy to allocation of government funding. This minor will benefit students who intend to pursue graduate degrees in business, law, or political science.

Degree Outcomes

An understanding of the fundamental drivers of behavior of individuals and distinct companies.

An understanding of the fundamental drivers of decision-making by governmental units and large industries.

A basic understanding of the societal impacts of government and corporate decisions.

The Minor in Coaching Athletics is currently housed in the division of education and is intended for students seeking credentialing for coaching/supervising athletics either through non-traditional routes to teacher licensure or other coaching related careers.

Degree Outcomes

Provide quality training that will have a positive impact on coaching performance.

Establish benchmarks for hiring quality coaches into the athletic program.

Studying the impact that humans have on the environment, and the impact that the environment has on humans requires a wealth of knowledge in many fields. In the Environmental Studies major you will be able to tailor your degree to fit your own area of interests. You will take classes in the natural sciences, the social sciences and even literature during your quest to understand your place in the environment. Our students are actively engaged in environmental leadership. Whether it is planning Earth Day Celebrations, participating in stream clean-up projects, or working on habitat restoration projects Ozarks Environmental Studies students make a difference.

Degree Outcomes

Students choose from a wide range of career paths and can work for a variety of organizations including the National Parks System, non-profits, and environmental lawyers. 

While at Ozarks, they have pursued internships and studies abroad from traveling to the Maasai Mara to internships in outdoor adventure and hospitality in Ireland. 

They have participated in research projects from studying sea turtles to studying the Buffalo and White Rivers.

Students in the Strategic Communication minor develop skills in research, writing, speaking, and strategic planning through studying theory and doing practical projects that prepare them for one of many career paths possible in communication.

Degree Outcomes

Social Media Manager - Graduates can create and manage messages, including videos, that will appeal to different audiences.

Public Relations Specialist - Whether working for a business or a nonprofit organization, graduates can plan and carry out public relations activities to keep the organization in good standing with the public.

Sports Information Director - Graduates interested in sports may specialize in sharing news about a college athletic program with the media and fans.

Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. Students who have a background in sociology know how to think critically about human social life and how to ask important research questions. The sociology minor combines well with almost any other degree program because students trained in sociology have learned how to think, how to evaluate, and how to communicate effectively. These are all valuable abilities in a wide variety of vocations and professions. Common majors who select sociology as a minor include, biology (pre-health), environmental studies, philosophy, psychology, literature, and American studies.

Degree Outcomes

Students trained in sociology will learn how to think, how to evaluate, and how to communicate effectively.

Students with a minor in sociology will have the advantage of a greater understanding of the impacts of their major area (e.g., business) on society as a whole and on groups within society.

Students with a minor in sociology will have a basis for more completely informed decision-making as they seek to better understand their roles in their families, personal relationships, and society at large.

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