Greystone Application Steps

Students are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible in the Spring of their senior year. Evaluation of an applicant’s potential for success includes a review of high school Grade Point Average (GPA) and rank in high school graduating class as well as a complete listing of all standardized test scores (ACT and/or SAT).

You will need to provide the following to University of the Ozarks:

Official High School Transcript

An official high school transcript from an accredited high school showing cumulative GPA and current rank in class through the FALL SEMESTER OF SENIOR YEAR (Includes final grades of Fall Semester Senior Year).

SAT/ACT Scores

Please call the Greystone office at 443-822-8918 for more information.

Dual Credit

.Please call the Greystone office at 443-822-8918 for more information.

AP Exam Scores

Please call the Greystone office at 443-822-8918 for more information.


Please list your involvement in all areas to include: Academic Awards, Student Government, National Honor Society, Drama, Language, Debate Team, School Publication, Band/Orchestra, JROTC, Athletics, Boy Scout/Girl Scout, Boys/Girls State, Volunteer Experience, Work Experience, Church Involvement, and leadership positions in all activities. Please send Resume to Mrs. Bailey would love to discuss your accomplishments.


You may use one of your essays used for your Congressional nomination OR academy application. If you choose to write a new essay, share with the Greystone Admissions Board “Why you desire to attend Greystone at University of the Ozarks”. Please send to Mrs. Bailey at

Greystone Application

If you have submitted a Greystone at Ozarks application or have questions, please call 443-822-8918 or email for verification of the submitted application and corresponding information.

Application Deadlines

Greystone employs a rolling admissions process that allows interested candidates to apply throughout the Spring Semester and into the Summer months.

Candidates who apply to Greystone and are admitted participate in a summer program that consists of a series of seven weekly GoToWebinars beginning on the first Tuesday in June. The GoToWebinars are intended to be viewed live from your home. Students unable to participate in the GoToWebinar live can watch the recorded program which will be made available.

The intent of the GoToWebinar series is to create the baseline documents needed to begin writing the nomination and academy applications during the Summer Session. Summer Session is a 3-week long program held at Greystone that starts in late July and is designed to ensure that a significant portion of nomination and academy applications are completed prior to the start of the University of the Ozarks academic year. Completion of this significant administrative burden empowers students to focus their time and energy on the task of improving their academic and athletic performance during the Ozarks academic year.

As you continue to excel in all areas under consideration for an academy candidate, periodic updates will be submitted to your nomination sources and the academies to ensure you receive credit for your best efforts. The academy admissions boards place significant importance on documented improvements in academic performance when they consider post-high school candidates who seek reapplication, therefore, it makes sense to take advantage of this summer to get a head start on this next appointment cycle.

Greystone is the only academy prep program offering this incredible opportunity to get ahead – this is yet another reason to join the Greystone team!