If you want to become a veterinarian, Ozarks can help you make your goal a reality.

First, pre-vet, like all of our pre-professional programs, isn’t actually a major at U of O; it is a focus of study. This means you will become specifically trained in a discipline, usually biology or chemistry for pre-vet students, while also benefiting from the broad training of the liberal arts.

In our pre-vet program, you’ll take a sequence of classes that have been proven to get you ready for that all-important Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and prepare you for vet school. But it’s not just the classes that help you prepare…by working closely with your pre-vet program advisor, you’ll get a chance to do your own research if you want. You will also participate in hands-on experiential education, including shadowing veterinarians in the community to help you understand what it’s really like being a veterinarian.. And that can give you a definite advantage when you start the Vet School application process!

A hallmark of an Ozarks education is the opportunity to learn from and interact with faculty. Because you’ll be a part of  a relatively small number of pre-vet students, our faculty members will not only be your teachers, they’ll be your mentors.

Our pre-vet program is challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Our graduates tell that story better than anyone. Kate is practicing at an equine veterinary clinic in Bluffdale, UT. Sheridan is a Research Assistant at Texas A&M University.

“Part of what I think Ozarks does best [is] mentoring students beyond teaching them in the classroom. It gives our students an advantage when they leave here. Larger universities cannot do this to the level we can and other colleges do not offer it in the way we do.” – Sean Coleman, Professor of Biology



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