Sustainable Agriculture Minor

The University of the Ozarks is proud to have the first and only sustainable agriculture program in the state.  The goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet the food and fiber needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. The sustainable agriculture minor at the University of the Ozarks is an integrated curriculum including coursework, practical experience and community involvement. While pursuing this minor you will learn the tenets of Sustainable Agriculture. You will create a viable business plan and work with community organizations or local farmers, to create a strategic plan. You will complete an off-campus internship on a farm or with an organization supporting sustainable agriculture. And, you will do all this while enjoying lots of time with fellow students in the University’s Food for Thought Garden growing food to sell at the local community farmers market and to donate to local schools for children facing food insecurity at home.

Degree Outcomes

After completing this program students have pursued graduate education in horticulture.

Students have been employed by food justice and education NGOs.

Students have also gone to culinary school to pursue a career in a farm to restaurant operation. 

Example Courses

  • SUS 2003: Principles and Practice of Sustainable Agriculture
    Sustainable Agriculture
    In this class you will learn the principles of sustainable agriculture and put them to use as you plan and plant the Spring Food for Thought Garden. In addition you will have the opportunity to tour several sustainable agriculture NGOs, and visit a local hydroponics farm.
  • SUS 3003: Agroecology
    Sustainable Agriculture
    In this class you will learn the science behind sustainable agriculture as you learn to view the farm as an ecosystem. Highlights in this course include and overnight trip to an organic farm in Springfield MO.
  • MGT 3023: Small Business Management
    Sustainable Agriculture
    In this class you will develop a small business plan for a sustainable agriculture venture. The course culminates when you have a chance to pitch your plan to a local agricultural and business loan specialist from a local bank.
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