Strategic Communication Minor

Students in the Strategic Communication minor develop skills in research, writing, speaking, and strategic planning through studying theory and doing practical projects that prepare them for one of many career paths possible in communication.

Degree Outcomes

Social Media Manager – Graduates can create and manage messages, including videos, that will appeal to different audiences.

Public Relations Specialist – Whether working for a business or a nonprofit organization, graduates can plan and carry out public relations activities to keep the organization in good standing with the public.

Sports Information Director – Graduates interested in sports may specialize in sharing news about a college athletic program with the media and fans.

Example Courses

  • SCM 1033: Introduction to Rhetoric and Social Influenc
    Strategic Communication
    This course gives an overview of communication theories and how they play a role in creating messages for different audiences. Students will learn about communication through interactive exercises and a project.
  • SCM 2103: Public Relations Principles
    Strategic Communication
    This course introduces students to the basic concepts of public relations. Students learn to create an audience profile, to write survey questions and conduct focus groups, and to make a proposal for a PR plan.
  • RTV 2063: Media Writing
    Strategic Communication
    Students will learn writing techniques and will write a variety of scripts, from radio and television ads, to a promotional marketing video, to a script for a short film.
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Strategic Communication Minor Faculty

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