Film Studies Minor

We seek to tell stories, deep and resonant, about the extraordinary human spirit. Maybe you’re a film fanatic who can cite your ten favorite directors without hesitation or maybe the only director you recognize is Tim Burton. Whether you’re an absolute aficionado or just someone who knows what you like in a movie, the Film Studies minor is a great choice.

Degree Outcomes

A Film Studies minor lends itself to all aspects of the film industry, particularly those in research, criticism, and education.

Film Researchers are employed as fact checkers and synopsis writers.

Film critics voice their knowledgeable opinions, influencing what audiences see.

Example Courses

  • RTV 2093: The Art of Watching Film
    Film Studies
    This is a course designed to encourage the development of the student’s awareness and appreciation of film form and theory. Students learn to "read" a film and to think and communicate critically about it.
  • RTV 3203: The Documentary
    Film Studies
    This course traces the historical development of the genre, from Nanook of the North to RBG. Students will develop skills in the analysis of form and content and will become acquainted with the contributions of important documentarians throughout history.
  • RTV 4003: Seminar in Mass Communication
    Film Studies
    This course is a small group study of variable topics. Comedy and Subversion, Film Noir, and Shakespeare on Stage and Screen are a few possible offerings.
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