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Creative Writing/Thought Minor

University of the Ozarks students have gone on to be professional writers, novelists, and award-winning poets. The Creative Writing and Thought minor seeks to help students learn the basics for creative writing, hone their craft, and deepen the questions raised in their work. To do so, it enriches learning about creative writing in the context of literature and literary theory, and with investigations into some of the most profound philosophical questions.  The minor at the University of the Ozarks is unique in many respects, as it combines several disciplines in practice and theory in a way that strengthens both thought and creative expression.  “Creative Writing and Thought” analyzes problems and questions in philosophy and literature, and develops creative writing skills in response.

Degree Outcomes

Learning to write can be both academic and creative and both sorts of skills are critical in a number of fields.  Students with creative writing abilities go into fields such as advertising, journalism, screenwriting and other areas.

This minor aims at understanding philosophical questions and then responding to them thoughtfully and creatively.

It also aims to have a general background in literature, especially where themes appear in prose (and poetry), themes such as environmental concerns, human interaction in the literature of various cultures, what it is to be a person. 

Example Courses

  • PHL 2103: Creative Writing and Thought I
    Creative Writing
    This interdisciplinary course examines and analyzes traditional and contemporary problems in philosophy and then analyzes and practices imaginative writing, primarily genre short fiction writing, focusing on those questions. While short fiction will be its emphasis, it may include some poetry, too. The course features theory but also workshop in and outside of the classroom and in this section, examines philosophical questions such as: What is mind? What makes up a person? What is it to know something or believe something at all.
  • ENG 2043: Introduction to Creative Writing
    While this minor relates to literary theory and philosophy, it also introduces students to the basics of imaginative literature and creative writing. That means students will do both critical and creative writing in the form of exercises, multiple drafts of works, evaluations, and reactions. They will produce a portfolio of their work.
  • PHL 1113: Ethics, Religions and Cultures
    "Creative writing and thought" students will also select several courses in themes in literature and several in philosophy. These have included, for example, PHL 1113 "Ethics, Religions, and Cultures," a course in which various texts from some of the main world religions are examined in light of how they get interpreted, especially with regard to ethics and differing interpretations.
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