Communication Studies Major

The Communication Studies program focuses on stories, from choosing the best approach for the audience to putting together the words and images that bring the story to life.  Our students learn to analyze the audience and the situation, as well as to write and produce content for a variety of different messages.  From their first semester, students can be involved in hands-on media production, with opportunities to work on creative projects throughout their time at Ozarks. Students can choose one of three tracks in the major – Film Studies, Media Production, or Strategic Communication.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates can work in public relations or advertising in many different fields, from business, to government, to healthcare.

Graduates can work in a number of production-related careers, including corporate video production, or digital storytelling.

Graduates can attend graduate school or film school for advanced study in communication and media theory. 

Example Courses

  • RTV 1024: Media Production I
    Communication Studies
    This introductory course gives students basic skills in shooting and editing video and audio. The class includes hands-on lab exercises and a team project to plan, shoot, and edit a final video.
  • RTV 2093: The Art of Watching Film
    Communication Studies
    A course designed to helps students be more aware of film form and theory and to appreciate the way directors apply those theories in their work. Students watch films in class and then write and think critically about what they observed.
  • SCM 2103: Public Relations Principles
    Communication Studies
    This course introduces students to the basic concepts of public relations. Students learn to create an audience profile, to write survey questions and conduct focus groups, and to make a proposal for a PR plan.
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