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Stacy H. Key

Associate Professor of Practice of Mathematics


Boreham Business Building 109
Stacy H. Key

Unlike many other disciplines, mathematics tends to be a love-hate relationship.  I find that students either love and enjoy mathematics and mathematics courses or greatly dislike mathematics and any courses in this field.  I have a passion for mathematics and quality instruction in this area.  Each semester and in every course, I challenge myself to meet, engage, and motivate students to better their knowledge and depth in mathematics.  For those students that are enamored by mathematics, I hope to provide interesting and entertaining instruction that encourages them to delve deeper in their discovery of the applications and beauty of mathematics.  With the student that has a distaste for mathematics, I attempt to develop a personal interest in the student and find an area in her or his life that might be enhanced or strengthened through the use and practicality of mathematics.  With encouragement and a gentle nudging, I expect each of my students to grow, even in tiny steps, to appreciate mathematics and its usefulness and impact in their lives.

Preparation to live life fully is the mission of the University of the Ozarks and I believe in and strongly support this mission for our students, faculty, staff, and families.  Knowledge of mathematics can enhance this fuller life with its ability to be a better critical thinker, problem solver, and life manager.  Financial decision making and money management are some of the major pitfalls and problems in the lives of many people according to poll after poll.  A better understanding and practice of mathematics will enable an individual to improve this area and other venues in life.

Special Projects / Initiatives

I am teaching in my twentieth year in the Mathematics Department at the University of the Ozarks and I have served as the Academics Coordinator and taught mathematics courses for the past seventeen summers with the Arkansas Governor’s School.  Why would someone want to spend his summer’s teaching, instructing, and mentoring high school students?  It’s simple.  I have a strong desire to maintain and improve my teaching techniques and pedagogy.  If I can work with high school students and better understand their strengths and weaknesses, then it assists me as I encourage and mentor students as they begin their freshman year at the University of the Ozarks and transition through their college experience to graduation.