Julius Matthew Myers, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics



Boreham Business Building - 108
Julius Matthew Myers, Ph.D.

I have been interested in mathematics for as long as I can remember. Although I did take a detour and studied Psychology for a time as an undergraduate, I eventually returned to my first love and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from a small, liberal arts institution in Mississippi. It was my experience at this institution that instilled in me a desire to not only explore Mathematics myself, but to also reach out and inspire others to pursue the discipline. To fulfill these goals, I continued my educational and acquired graduate degrees in both Mathematics and Mathematics Education from Clemson University and Mississippi State.

In the process of acquiring my degrees, I had the opportunity to serve as a mathematics instructor at large and small institutions in both full time and part time capacities. From this experience, I realized that my goals could best be achieved at a small, liberal arts institution. Thus, I accepted a position at University of the Ozarks in 2002. My greatest pleasure as a Mathematics professor is the time I spend in class teaching and discussing mathematics with my students.

Special Projects / Initiatives

My interest in Mathematics is fairly broad and I enjoy both the pure and applied aspects of the discipline. But my primary interest is in the areas of Discrete and Computational Mathematics. Currently I am investigating three topics of interest: Collatz Conjecture, a variation of the Knight Covering Problem, and a problem I have encountered that involves nested subsets.