Electronic Signature Policy

Under the Electronic Signature in Global and national Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000, an e-signature is any electronic sound, symbol or process that is related to an agreement and executed with the intent to sign the agreement.
Except for its digital format, an e-signature is legally identical to a handwritten signature, carrying with it all the same authority and credibibility.

Consent to do business electronically

University of the Ozarks issues each employee and student a unique logon id used to access resources on the University's network. The University recognizes this unique Ozarks network logon id as an e-signature when used to electronically sign documents on the university website, or when used to send e-mail using the university email system.

By accepting this university policy on Electronic Signatures, you give your consent for the University to accept your electronic signature in lieu of a written signature on any document where e-signatures are accepted.

Use of electronic signatures

In order to use your logon id as your electronic signature you must:

  • agree that the document or e-mail may be electronically signed.
  • agree that the timestamp with your logon id recorded in the university's e-signature repository is the same as your handwritten signature for the purposes of validity, enforceability and admissibility.

You may also elect to receive certain documents, notices or disclosures in electronic format. Consent to receive these documents may be given in writing, or by e-signature.

Responsibility to safeguard

It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your University-issued logon id and password! It is a violation of University policy to share you logon information with any other individual. Beware of phishing emails attempting to gain access to your logon information - the University IT Department will NEVER ask you for your password.

Retention requirements

Documents that you sign electronically are subject to the same retention requirements that govern retention of non-electronic records. Any document that you sign electronically which is subject to a retention record can be reproduced on request.

Opt-out clause

You may withdraw your consent to sign documents electronically by notifying the Office of Administrative Services in writing of your desire to withdraw that consent. After consent is withdrawn, you may no longer use your University logon id as your electronic signature.

You may also withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents, notices or disclosures at any time. To withdraw that consent, you must notify the Office of Administrative Services in writing that you wish to withdraw your consent and to request that your future documents, notices and disclosures be provided in paper format.